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  1. Dayton Ohio 2009

    05/16/09 15:54:38 | 0

    So this is a long holiday week-end here in Canada. What's more is that Hubby and I usually take the 8-9 hour car trek down to Dayton Ohio where the Hamvention is held every year. It is the biggest ham radio and computer flea market in the world and is a big draw for amateur radio and computer technies like my hubby. But this year is soooo different. Because I got to go to Vegas (yeah liason and SALE where I got to meet my very faveoritte soap stars) with eldest daughter Rebecca, hubby and younger daughter thought it would be fun to take off without me and go down to Dayton. Well yeah, fun for them 'cause Grammy gets to babysit her 3 eldest kids, Liam almost 8, Aidan 6 and Makenzie 3. Monica at least took Baby Cole with her as she is still breast feeding him. Ok we did have fun, once my sinus infection anti biotic kicked in that is. I took them to our favoritte restaurant and we all had milkshakes and then we went to the park and they ran off lots of excess energies. Then a trip to the corner store to buy more food supplies, lol. For 3 young kids they sure do EAT alot, lol! Three days is alot to keep 8 and 6 yrs olds entertained I tell ya. Finally Daddy has picked up the boys and I only have my granddaughter here until they are home from Dayton on Monday. Should be a little more relaxing now, I tell ya. Girl time now. Barbie. Dora the Explorer. Oh yeah. Things an old lady can better relate to. Well more so than Batman, Transformers and Wii games. Yep

    So here is a pic of Monica and Cole right after they arrived in Dayton and checked into their hotel room. Sure wish I was there. Heh!


    Oh and for anyone interested in hair styling/braiding, here is Monica's blog. That girl is so talented I tell ya. Enjoy!

    Cheers. Comments not mandatory but very much appreciated!

  2. Motorcycle Grammy

    03/30/09 18:21:20 | 4

    Motorcycle Grammy

    I live for my 5 beautiful grandbabies, Liam, Christopher, Aidan, Makenzie and Cole, and a loving and very supportive and loving hubby. I spend most of my weekdays, as prim and proper General Hospital watching, Homemaker, YuKu community owner, ME. I am 51 years old, retired and loving life!


    on the week-ends (the ones where we are not responsoble for one or more of above named grandkiddies (ranging from age 8 years right down to 6 months, that is), AND every chance we get, actually on beautiful spring, summer and autumn days, I like to 'ride like the wind' on the back of Hubby's beautiful, shiney, new black and silver Suzuki Intruder. Feel the rush of the wind in your face and hair at 100km per hour down the highway, or the long, slow cruise by Ontario's most sceneic lakes and beaches or gorgeous gorgeous Canadian countryside. We think nothing of going 'sailing' north for 2 hours, stopping for a bite to eat and returning home once again. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I tell you. Absolutely nothing like it.

    Please stay tuned for more Motorcycle Grammy and some of her adventures!

  3. 1Award!

    03/30/09 14:43:55 | 0

    thanks for voting for LG2 and helping us win cool awards!

  4. Liason-Fave Supercouple of ALL TIME!!!!

    02/04/09 19:07:07 | 1

    General Hospital

    1. Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan
    2. Laura Webber and Luke Spencer
    3. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall
    4. Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos
    5. Sonny Corinthos and Carly Benson

    Woo Hoo---let's let everyone know how happy we are about this!image

    Steve Burton / Becky Herbst / Bob Guza / Jill Farren Phelps
    4151 Prospect Ave.
    Hollywood CA 90027

    Brian Frons
    2300 Riverside Dr.
    Burbank CA 91506

    Comment Line


  5. A Very Special Member Comment

    02/03/09 12:14:53 | 0

    laurieluvsliason wrote:
    Awww and screencaps too. Thanks again G for all your help! I have our 'Liason day' posted in the Liason history forum and I see Kat has the clip up already for downloading. What a great team we have here at LG2! image

    You're Welcome laur...

    I know I kind of barged in and set up camp... but from the moment I came here, I felt @ home... I was NEVER technical and NEVER had the inclination to learn either... I would ask, but no one had the time to actually show me...

    When I started venturing into threads other than FF... I found out that you, Kat, & others had taken the time to explain certain tasks in depth. So it gave us technical virgins a leg up... thereby fostering more confidence to @ least TRY!...

    I'm STILL rusty... however, I am now confident enough to venture out and @ least experiment...

    Next, I want to learn how to embed clips, make a banner, & then (fingers crossed) make a video...

    But hey... One day @ a time, one step @ a time...

    Thanks so much, Ggorept2 This is why LG2 is so great. Members like YOU!image

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